What business relationship and previous business history did the authors of EZ CCZ technology had with Scintimax, Inc. that helped their decision to grant the Irrevocable Marketing Exclusivity contract?  


Why Siemens AG, who has world's top material science experts, had chosen 20 years ago ROST CCZ, the predecessor of EZ CCZ, as their core crystal growing technology?


What type of industry, besides micro-electronics and medical diagnostics, could receive benefits from upgrading their CZ crystal growing plants to operate using EZ CCZ method?


Besides achieving 5-times faster crystal growing speed / or ingot pulling speed and producing 487% more output of single crystals, per each of the production furnaces, what are other quality advantages and cost savings of using EZ CCZ technology instead of Bridgman-Stockbarger process?  Is it possible that, even nowadays, large single crystals, used for medical imaging devises,  are still produces by an outdated Bridgman-Stocbarger by some leading manufacturers?  Don't they know that letting toxic fumes of Thallium Iodide out of the crucible capsules, during ingot unloading by their employees, is a potential hazard?  Haven't they seen, for past 20 years, that even the "grandfather" of EZ, ROST CCZ, has all toxic gas evacuation systems, and none of toxicity could contaminate the facilities with employees?  Haven't they calculated the huge cost of pure platinum crucibles, that EZ CCZ reduces by over -$1,000,000 ++ per each furnace?  

How is it possible that some of top management of those major plants, who still operate Bridgeman-Stockbarger crystal pullers,  allow massive amount of electric power waist, when one (1) EZ-CCZ produces even more crystals compared to five (5) Bridgeman-Stockbarger units?


Besides improving safety and lowering electric power consumption, reduction cost of disposable quartz crucibles 5 to 8-times, ...what are other advantages of using EZ CCZ technology for manufacturing 300mm and 450mm Si / Silicon wafers?  Is it advantages for growing premium quality of e-grade and solar-grade type Si instead of classic Batch CZ?   Is it true that none of, potentially hazardous for employees, magnetic field is necessary for dopant distribution when using  EZ CCZ?   Is it true that the crystal ingot pulling speed of melt-feed EZ CCZ almost double the speed compared to granular-feed CCZ? 


Besides drastic improvement of EHS (Energy Health & Safety) and total elimination of hand labor of Si chunks loading in to crucible every time they start crystal growth,  what are other key operations cost savings of switching to EZ CCZ from Batch CZ?

Is that true that both Batch CZ and EZ CCZ could grow single Si ingots for 450mm Si-CZ wafers with the weight of up 500kg for the ingots with height of 1meter and up to 700kg for the height of 1.5 meter?  

Does EZ CCZ process requires only maximum of up to 110kg of melt during the entire growth of 450+mm ingot any length comparing to 700kg of hot melt for Batch CZ growing same diameter ingot of 1.5m length? 


Besides doubling the crystal growing / or ingot pulling speed,  what are other key operations cost savings of switching to EZ CCZ from granular-feed CCZ?


What are the major differences between EZ CCZ and it's predecessor, ROST CCZ?