Growing single crystals and pulling them out of the melt is the professional skill-set that is on a border of fine chemistry, applied physics, analytical crystallography, thermal process equipment engineering and fine arts. Pulling perfect single crystal ingots of 500 mm diameter is the “Crown Jewel” of such profession and only world’s best perfected such craft.  We, at Scintimax, Inc., have been fortunate to represent and be a part of large crystal growing operation where 500mm diameter crystal ingot became the standard 20+ years ago.

500mm Diameter Crystal Ingot.jpeg

Single Crystal 500 mm Diameter 

ROST CCZ, Continuous Czochralski (CZ) Method, has been our core business for over 25 years. Scintimax, Inc. has been the distributor and technology transfer project manager with many years of success and experience.  Most of electronic grade silicon crystal ingots have been grown using CZ method, originally described in 1918 and known as the Generation #1 of CZ-type technologies.   Presently  microelectronics Industry relaying on essentially identical old  CZ.  As a result, even leading producers are suffering from high cost, process inefficiency and safety issues, especially used for 300mm and 450mm blank wafer production.  

Nowadays our company, Scintimax, Inc, is on the path to introduce  EZ- CCZ, continuous melt-feed CCZ (Generation #6 of CZ technologies).  EZ CCZ was developed in USA after 25 years of experience with it's predecessor, ROST CCZ.  

For Semiconductor Industry:

EZ-CCZ technology can solve most of existing problems plus lower high cost of blank 300mm and 450mm wafers.  It is designed to save energy by reducing the cycle time of ingot pulling, drastic reduction the process melt load, saves on cost of huge disposable crucibles with hand labor loading  and other safety issues.  This advanced CZ process upgrade is semi-automated, adaptable by many Si-Cz crystal growers and could be tuned to deliver "prime grade" or "ultimate grade" of material.

We are trying to explain to the industry that issues they presently have are not related to the poor training of their crystal ingot vendors, but the problem that originated within the outdated CZ process itself.

For Scintillating and Optical Crystal Industry:

 EZ-CCZ technology can help achieving 487% increase, per each of crystal furnaces, of single crystal output for those manufacturers that are still using outdated Sockbarger-Bridgman process.  

In addition, for the manufacturers that specialize in CCZ process adapting EZ-CCZ methods will deliver 195% increase in production output per each of their operating Czochralski CCZ crystal pullers.

In addition, Scintimax, Inc. been managing one of the most reliable supply chain of scintillating materials for major USA and international projects since 1989.  We ship, weekly, high quality crystal products and made-to-speck devices to our clients world-wide.

Our co-founder, Gary Koifman, is also the co-founder of Amcrys-H, Ltd, - the world’s 2nd largest producer of scintillating materials and our reliable manufacturing partner.

German industrial giant, Siemens AG, as rule, has been employing some of world’s top material science specialists. They have chosen ROST CCZ process since 1994 as their core technology, after evaluating all alternatives that were in existence. We helped Siemens transfer and license this technology. As a result, Siemens has the most advanced and cost efficient crystal fabrication operation in their industry, that even now, 20 years later, is two generations ahead of all of their competitors. 

ROST CCZ, Continuous Czohralski Crystal Growing Furnace