Czochralski Crystal Growing Process, known as CZ, is the core method for manufacturing key crystal components.   It has been used in many industries since 1918.  It does not matter if your company produces solar, microelectronic material or scintillating and optical crystals – your core material is produced using CZ methods.

There are two of the major CZ Crystal manufacturing industries;

a). Producers of solar and electronic grade material and

b). Producers of scintillating and optical material.

Both crystal growing industries have been developing separately for several generations and never had a chance for cross-industrial cooperation. Both separate groups of CZ crystal growers have developed special skills applicable to satisfy demands and standards of the industries they served. 

Best of Scintillating CZ Crystal Producers have focused, for 25 years, on producing large monocrystalline ingots of 500mm diameter, with help of ROST CCZ.  Those high purity, 500+ kg crystal ingots usable, almost 100%, for manufacturing crystal medical imaging devises which have up to 780mm in dimension.  

At the same time CZ-Si Crystal Growers, vendors of  electronic-grade material, historically, produced ingots of up to 210mm diameter for further use at Chip FAB plants. Problems, for electronic-grade material vendors, started when industry demanded CZ crystal ingots of much larger dimension.  New, 300mm and 450mm silicon wafers, became the key to lowering cost of production and EHS (Environmental Health Safety) reduction at Chip FAB operations.  

Many challenging tasks for e-grade CZ-Si crystal ingot growers, like high cost, quality and safety issues are still unsolved.  Transitioning from 200mm to 300mm - 450mm still has huge potential in efficiency improvement and cost reduction.  Growing large diameter single crystals with most of the usable portion of the ingot "prime grade" material still seems like impossible task, unless CZ growers, who specialize in large diameter single crystal growing process, join their team.  

Our company, Scintimax, Inc., is the perfect "friendly bridge" to bring the best of "crystal growing experts" together.

When the size of e-grade wafers increased and became 300mm and 450mm, microelectronics industry entered into our area of expertise.  Our associates have been growing CZ single crystal ingots of 500mm diameter for over 20 years.  It is their specialty and proprietary knowledge which they are ready to share.

 Scintimax, Inc. is the technology licensing agency, project managers and exclusive distributor of EZ-CCZ, continuous liquid-feed Czochralski technology. EZ-CCZ, which is the Generation #6 of CZ technology that was developed in USA by the “father” of ROST CCZ.  

Scintimax, Inc. and our associates are ready to help industry by converting most of CZ crystal growing plants to EZ-CCZ mode. This advancement is, by far, the most efficient solution to reduce high cost, save energy, improve quality and safety of crystal ingot growing plants. 

In addition, Scintimax, Inc. and its founders, since 1989, have managed one of the most reliable supply system of scintillating materials to major projects world wide. Co-founder Gary Koifman, is also co-founder of Amcrys-H, Ltd. - one of the world's largest producers of scintillating material.

Our manufacturing facilities Amcrys-H is the commercial branch of the Scientific and Technical Concern "Institute for Single Crystals".  Our Institute, for more than 60 years, has been the largest R&D center in the Eastern Europe in the field of:

* Fundamental research in materials science leading to the development of luminescence receivers and transducers
* Research for new scintillation materials
* Improvement of scintillation material performance;
* Exploratory development and application of scintillation detectors
* Production of organic and inorganic scintillators. 


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The Institute is experienced with developing over 1500 unique high-tech material and technologies.  It is the World's Authority at R&D, designing and manufacturing scintillators for high-energy physics, nuclear physics, medicine, environmental monitoring, geophysics, security systems, and defectoscopy. 

As the exclusive distributor of EZ-CCZ crystal growing technology, that was developed in USA, Scintimax Inc. is also proud to represent intellectual properties and services of our long time colleagues from Ukraine.

 Scintimax, Inc. is always ready for a dialogue and support for our new and established clients.

We provide not only what you want, but also what you need.

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